Capital of Lorraine

Nancy is the largest city in the Lorraine region, with 105 000 inhabitants. It borders the Meurthe river. It is one of the most densely populated cities in France, being enclosed between a forest in the west, and the Meurthe river in the east. Its heritage includes the Place Stanislas, at the heart of the city, the Opera of Nancy and the Palais du Gourvernement. It welcomed 52 000 students in 2020, making it one of the most significant student cities in France. It hosts 9 engineering schools, the University of Lorraine and the ICN Business School.

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About the city

105000 inhabitants
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52000 students
7800 international students

Average rent for a studio

Did you know

Nancy is where Art Nouveau got its start thanks to internationally renowned artists part of the École de Nancy, such as Emile Gallé (famed for his glasswork), Louis Majorelle (a furniture genius) and the celebrated Daum crystal maker.

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