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Nantes is one of the biggest city in the North-West of France. It is located along the Loire river, 50 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. It has a heavy history, as the city used to have an important role in the slave trade during the XVI, XVII and the XVIII centuries. Its rich architectural and cultural heritagehas earned it the "City of Art and History" label. The city welcomes 43 000 students every year. It hosts one university, the University of Nantes, but also business schools, such as Audencia, and engineering schools, such as Polytech Nantes and Centrale Nantes.

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About the city

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Did you know

One of the mascots of the city of Nantes is a gigantic articulated elephant made of wood and steel, measuring 12 m high and 21 m long. This tourist attraction wanders daily on the island of Nantes.

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Accommodation Nantes: a guide for students

Nantes is one of the main cities in North-western France. This captivating city welcomes over 43,000 students every year, including 5,000 international students from all over the world. If you are currently looking for your future home in Nantes, we got you! This article will give you all the insights you need on accommodation in Nantes: discover the different housing options, explore the city's neighborhoods, and learn about Nantes' real estate market. Keep reading!

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Studying abroad in Nantes, France

Nantes is an enriching study for your study abroad experience. Indeed, it is nested in the heart of France's historic Loire valley, and offers great academical opportunities, making it a perfect blend of innovation and innovation. The Nantes University is a renowned institution in the country and offers various courses, ranging from humanities to engineering, including law, medicine and more. Other notable learning institutions are located in the city, including the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (a prestigious engineering school), Audencia Business School (part of the 10 top business schools in France) and Sciences Po Nantes (political science institute). This makes Nantes a prime destination for both French and international students, hence, not the easiest and cheapest city to find accommodation in.

Where is Nantes, France located?

Nantes is located in the north-western part of France, in the region called "Pays de la Loire". The city rests along the Loire River, which is the largest in France and has shaped the city's identity and history. It is about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Atlantic Ocean. This ideal location makes it a very attractive city for students and workers, who are numerous to look for accommodation in Nantes every year.

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What is Nantes, France known for?

The city is perhaps best known for its historical significance as a major port. It used to play a major role in the Atlantic slave trade. Nantes exhibits a rich historical heritage, with medieval structures and the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, but also a vibrant cultural scene, with the iconic les Machines de l'Île,  a unique mechanical park in France, where you can enjoy a ride on a mechanical elephant!

Les Machines de l'Ile's famous mechanical elephant in Nantes France

Types of student accommodation in Nantes

As a popular student destination, Nantes offers a wide range of accommodation options for students. Here are the options students usually go for:

Apartments for rent in Nantes, France

A popular option among students looking for accommodation in Nantes is to rent an apartment. This is a suitable option if you are willing to live in your own place. Depending on your budget, you can rent a studio, a single-room apartment, a "T2' (2-room apartment), etc. You will find numerous property ads on websites such as Se Loger, Le Bon Coin, or Nexity.

Still, you should watch out for scammers when using such platforms. Not all ads are verified, and international students are a prime target for accommodation scammers. How to spot housing scams?

Shared accommodation in Nantes

Student residence is purpose-built accommodation, specifically designed for students. In Nantes, you will find both public (CROUS) and private residences. Public (CROUS) student residences are usually among the cheapest options for student accommodation, but the places are limited and selection is based on social and economic criteria. Among the most popular private student residences in Nantes, you will find:

What is the average rent for accommodation in Nantes?

The average rent for a studio in Nantes is €523/month

Students would typically spend around €523/month for a 25 m² studio in Nantes. This amount goes down a bit if renting shared accommodation. Compared to the rest of France, Nantes' rents are average.

Find accommodation in Nantes as an international student

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