Capital of Rhone-Alpes

Located in the South-East area of France, Lyon is the third-biggest city in the country, with more than 500 000 inhabitants within the city and over 1.5 million in its agglomeration. It is located along the Rhone River, and is also close to the Alps mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second student city in France, with 4 universities and numerous schools such as Polytech Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Sciences Po Lyon or emlyon. In Lyon, you will be able to find vestiges of a Roman civilization, Lugdunum, on the Fourvière hill. Among Lyon's heritage is the city's symbole, Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica.

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Student experiences in Lyon
Elfried Z
Oct 31, 2022
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My graduate studies in Lyon

I decided to join the EM Lyon Business School: I already wanted to join a business school from the college and I knew that Lyon was a student city.

Lauren O'Sullivan
Nov 3, 2022
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My Erasmus in Lyon

My first day was hectic. It felt surreal touching down in Lyon airport. I was finally doing it. I got a taxi to my accommodation. I had to lug all my bags to the office to sign in and get my keys, that was a workout in itself.

Nov 10, 2022
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The first day of my Erasmus in Lyon

It would be a big lie if I told you that my first day in France was memorable or happy. That now being in a long distance, it was both. However, I do not want to explain it to you with the information I have now after taking three months here, but recreate to you how I lived it then.

Emma Sidnam
Nov 10, 2022
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Bicycles, Wine, and Français - a NZ Student's Lyon Exchange

My name is Emma and I’m an exchange student at Jean Moulin Lyon III for the spring semester of 2022. I’m from Wellington, New Zealand - and I didn’t realize how exciting that was until I arrived in France and my nationality became my defining feature. I admit it’s strangely satisfying telling people that ‘New Zealand is indeed far away,’’ and that ‘the New Zealand accent is vastly superior to the Australian accent.’

Dec 15, 2022
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French immersion

My experience in France, more specifically in Lyon, has been unique. I arrived at the end of September to execute part of my doctoral thesis.

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Did you know

Cinema was created in Lyon by the Lumière Brother. When walking in Lyon, you might come across the street where the first movie was filmed, in the Montplaisir neighborhood.

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