The city where the sun never goes down

Montpellier is the largest city in the Hérault department. It is located in the south of France, along the Mediterranean Sea. Before being definitively integrated into France, the city was part of the kingdom of Majorca. Among Montpellier's heritage: Porte du Peyrou, a monument dedicated to the "Roi Soleil", Louis XIV, Saint Pierre Cathedral, Place de la Comédie, one of the largest places in Europe, but also modern architecture, with the famous "Arbre Blanc" building.

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About the city

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Did you know

The University of Montpellier is part of the world's oldest universities. It was founded in 1289 by one of Montpellier's lord at the time, Guilhem VII de Montpellier.

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Find accommodation in Montpellier

Looking for accommodation for your study or Erasmus stay in Montpellier? Whether you want to find an apartment, a studio, a room in a shared flat or in a student residence, there are a few things you need to understand to make your housing research easy and smooth.

Livinfrance, the housing platform for international students, helps you find your future home easily: browse our housing offers in Montpellier on, and book accommodation online, no guarantor required!

How to find student accommodation in Montpellier, France

Montpellier is a significant student city in France, welcoming around 70 000 students every year. Among the largest schools in Montpellier: the University of Montpellier and Montpellier Business School.

Find accommodation near University of Montpellier

The University of Montpellier is actually divided into several campuses. If you are going to University of Montpellier and want to find accommodation near your school, you can pick one of these are to look for accommodation in:

  • The city's hypercenter, les Arceaux, Boutonnet or Beaux Arts if your campus is located in Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3, Faculté de Droit et de Science politique or Faculté de Médecine.
  • Port Marianne, la Lironde or Antigone if you are going to Faculté d'Economie.
  • Vert Bois or Aiguelongue if your campus is located in Université de Montpellier 2 or Campus Triolet.
  • Plan des 4 Seigneurs if you are going to UFR Staps, IUT Montpellier or Campus Saint Priest.

In order to find accommodation in Montpellier, you should set your accommodation budget according to the "fair market value" of the area you are considering. The fair market value can be assessed by looking up on accommodation websites such as leboncoin or, and comparing the offers that fit your criteria.

Find accommodation near Montpellier Business School

Montpellier Business School welcomes 3 800 students every year, including around 1 000 international students. There are several student residences around the school: Résidence Studea Montpellier Pilory, Résidence étudiant UXCO, etc. If you are looking for a studio, an apartment or a shared flat, you can consider these areas:

  • Alco, an intermediate area, between quieter and more vibrant areas. The area is well served by public transport.
  • Les Cévennes, a great pick if you want to live in a quiet area.
  • Les Arceaux, a bit farther from Montpellier Business School, but closer to the city center.

Top websites to find cheap accommodation in Montpellier

As an international student, you will most likely find your future accommodation online. Looking up for "accommodation in Montpellier" on Google or any other search engine is a great first step. You will be able to browse numerous offers, get in touch with landlords, and schedule visits if you want to.

Still, in order to avoid housing scams, that are quite often targeting international students, you need to be careful what websites you look for accommodation on. Here are the best websites to find cheap accommodation in Montpellier:

  • : Our platform is dedicated to international students. All of our 10k offers have been certified by our teams, and we provide you with a safe, online booking process, with no guarantor required. Browse our accommodation offers in Montpellier >
  • Estate agencies' websites: Each agency has its website on which you can find verified offers. Just type on Google "agence immobilière your city" and you will find their websites. Choice is often limited tho.
  • Rental platforms, like leboncoin, seloger, or locservice : on this type of website, almost anyone (estate company or private owner) can post housing offers. You will therefore find a very large amount of offers, but you need to be very careful as this is where most scams operate . Find out how to spot rental scams here >

What is the average price for accommodation in Montpellier?

The average rent for a studio in Reims is €501 per month. For a shared flat, the average rent is €432. Depending on your lease contract, you might need to pay a bit more every month for electricity, water, wifi and other charges.Learn more about the rental expenses in France >

Life in Montpellier, France as an Erasmus student

Montpellier is quite a popular student city in France. Its climate, schools and quality of life make it a prime destination among the country.

Is Montpellier a good student city?

In 2022, Montpellier was ranked third is the best student cities in France ranking. Students interviewed mentioned a very festive atmosphere, a city well served by public transportation. The city seems to be well-fitted for health students.

Moreover, Montpellier is the second city with the most students as a proportion of its population. 21% of Montpellier's inhabitants are students.

Where do students live in Montpellier?

Depending on their criteria, students tend to find accommodation in these different areas of Montpellier.

  • For students who want to find accommodation near the University: Hôpitaux-Facultés. It is close to numerous campuses and welcomes a high number of student residences. Therefore, it is quite a safe area, and is also located near Domaine d'O, a cultural place in Montpellier. It is a bit far from the hypercenter tho.
  • For students who want to live in the center of Montpellier: Saint Roch, République or Ecusson. These areas are located near Montpellier's old town, and are at the heart of the city's nightlife! You will find many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. Housing remains a bit more expensive than in areas farther from the city center.
  • For students who want to be near cultural places: Arceaux, Boutonnet or Beaux Arts. These ares are very famous among artistic people of Montpellier. These are rather pedestrian areas. Moreover, some university campuses are located there.
  • For students looking for cheaper accommodation in Montpellier: Malbosc. The neighborhood is quite recent. A little off-center, it is still very well served by public transportation. Rent is on average cheaper than in the rest of the city.

Do people speak English in Montpellier?

The Occitanie region, where Montpellier is located, is among the regions that speak English best in France, with an EF EPI of 565. This means that on average, people living in Montpellier or in the Occitanie region have a higher English proficiency than in the other areas of France. Still, France is ranked 31st in the world's English-speaking countries ranking.

Nightlife in Montpellier

As the third-best student city in France, Montpellier offers various bars and clubs where you can spend the evening or the night.

First of all, the "Montpellier by night" tour allows newcomers to enjoy the city by night, and (re)discover the city's monuments such as la Tour des Pins, Saint Pierre Cathedral, or Place Albert 1er.

A great option for a night out can also be to go and see a show in one of Montpellier's many theaters: Amphithéâtre d'O, Zénith Sud, Rockstore or Opéra Comédie.

If you enjoy clubs, Place de la Comédie is your place to be! The best clubs in Montpellier are located around it.

Additional tip: if you register on the platform, you will be able to join chat groups of student in Montpellier and plan events, trips, nights out and more together!
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