Dec 15, 2022

French immersion

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My experience in France, more specifically in Lyon, has been unique.

I arrived at the end of September to execute part of my doctoral thesis. At first, I got to know the city but didn't connect much with the French. The University of Lyon has an excellent infrastructure. Living in the university environment allowed me to gather information about the education system and compare it with institutions in my home country. Immersion in the customs of the French inhabitants was vital.

The following month I discovered an expatriate group on Facebook and realized that Lyon is a very international city. I found many French people within this group from other locations, which made me connect even more with the culture.

The city is lovely, organized, quiet, and clean. For me, the festival of lights was a highlight of the experience. I thought it was a great party. I got to know several bars, parks, and exciting restaurants.

In addition to the people and the place, the opportunities in the academic area are significant. There is a lot of investment in knowledge and education.

My experience in France has been vibrant and fruitful. I hope to learn more and more about the culture and history of this fantastic country.

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