Lu Zhang
Nov 2, 2022

My first day in Nancy

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Study in Nancy

ICN business school
ICN Business School

From China, I am an international student, my first name is Zhang, the last name is Lu. Since my major at college in China is French, it has laid the foundation for me to continue to study in France. At the same time, French business schools are more popular in China because of their close cooperation with enterprises, which can give full play to and cultivate students' practical ability. Therefore, that's why I chose a business school.

I like the quiet border town, so in the numerous list of business schools, after my serious decision, I chose ICN BUSINESS SCHOOL. On the one hand, I am interested in the three-week corporate internship and one-week campus teaching. On the other hand, Nancy's living cost is lower than that in other big cities.

My trip to France

After a 20-hour journey from Beijing and a transit in Berlin, I finally landed at Terminal T2 in Paris at 2 pm. When I first arrived in Paris, I was very shocked that the airport customs did not require any COVID-19 quarantine documents, which greatly facilitated my customs clearance procedures.

Since I temporarily purchased train tickets for Nancy, I had to wait 5 hours at the Paris Terminal as the TGV leaves at 7:30 pm. During this period, the station staff  enthusiastically and patiently explained the ride procedure to me, and they helped me find the charger when my mobile phone needed to be charged, for which I really thank them.

Taking the train in Paris

Soon to take the train time, I entered the platform according to the instructions, almost everyone dragging luggage, when I arrived at my seat, a woman has sat in my position, so I confirmed with her and the woman said: "I'm sorry, my ticket is this position", and she also showed me her ticket information. However, I was particularly confused: "Why does a seat have a repeat ticket?". At this moment, a nearby woman said to me: "You should confirm the carriage information with that woman, your ticket information shows that it is here, your seat is sure that there is no problem." Therefore, I immediately returned to confirm with the woman. Sure enough, she had mistaken the carriage information, that she should go to the same seat in the next carriage, and after apologizing to me, she left my seat. Here, I really want to thank the fellow travelers for their warm help!

TGV was fast driving, because of the journey tired, I lean on the window to rest for a while, I do not know when, the idyllic scenery outside the window attracted my attention, a harvester is harvesting wheat in the fields, golden wheat is particularly bright, the harvester also issued a strong sound, seems to tell people: " This year is a bumper harvest year!”

Harvester in the fields

Finally, I arrived at NANCY railway station around 10 p. m.  I was greeted at the station by CRISTOFF, an alumnus, who had the same Chinese appearance and skin color as me, but he could not speak Chinese because he did not grow up in China. He received me very warmly, took me to buy the necessities I needed and took me to my residence. Here, I also express myself very grateful to him!

First day in Nancy

Due to the jet lag, I woke up at 6 o'clock the next morning. After packing up, I made an appointment to meet CRISTOFF at 9 o'clock. He took me to visit the neighborhood, so we visited Place Stanislas Nancy, where the square was magnificent and the golden gate was particularly bright.  We took some photos as a souvenir.

Place Stanislas, Nancy

Transport in Nancy

In the afternoon, I got familiar with the route from my residence to the school as planned. After searching on the Google Map, I found that the tramway would only take four stops to reach the school. This is really too convenient. And the trams are free on weekends, which is great and very convenient for people to go out on weekends.

Tramway in Nancy

When I returned to my residence, the person in charge of the apartment introduced the use of the room and the structural layout of the apartment in detail. What was more heartwarming, she provided me with the kitchen utensils I needed. I was really very grateful for her warm reception. I've already started to look forward to my future life.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to share more information and tips about my stay in Nancy! Feel free to like and share my article if you liked it!

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