Lucía Straulino
Nov 15, 2022

My Bachelor in Sweet Culinary Arts in Bordeaux

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It is never too late. NEVER. Dear reader, life works in mysterious ways and you will find in your life that major shifts come when they are the least expected.

If we are here, we have all survived to an intense and chaotic period of time, not only because of Covid, but because everything that has been crashing down, cracking open and demolished. But as the fenix, we will rise and we will awaken our creativity and power to recreate a better world.

That happened to me. Before the pandemic I was working hard, physically and intellectually, 14 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. I didn't have time for myself. It was all about being productive and giving response to everyone else. But Covid came shutting the doors in our noses. It was an invitation to come inwards and to visit a place that was becoming a little bit neglected. INSIDE.This time alone reconnected me to one of my earliest dreams: to have my own business around the table, meaning to have a little café or restaurant, prepare food with love and to open conversations. I have always find wonderful how relationships build when we are sharing food.

I wanted to learn pastry and bread techniques. Pastry because it releases the creativity, you can play around with flavors, textures, colors and seasonal ingredients. And bread because it is the basis of all human civilization, is working with something that is alive, and transforming a simple, yet so powerful, grain into something outstandingly nutritious. I looked all over the world to find the school that would meet what I was looking for, and somehow Institut Culinaire de France appeared. Their program seemed to be very complete, professional and not so squared as other cooking schools. I did my research on Bordeaux and concluded that IT WAS THERE. I had founded what I was looking for. The day I arrived I was amazed by the beauty of the city, I felt a warmth within myself and the sensation that I belonged here. I FELT AT HOME. I wondered how long would this last, and I can tell you, after one year of being in here, I still find beauty in every corner, the skies are gorgeous and you can find both vitality and calmness in between the city center and the numerous pubic parks.

What I didn't expect was to meet so many persons that would enrich my life this much. I have made friends from Belgium, Serbia, US, France, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Ecuador. Definitely sharing your path with people from countries that differ so much from yours broadens your perception and perspective on life. They have been such a good company, in good times and in bad times.

The school is going pretty cool, and little by little we have learnt to make delicious pastries, viennoiserie, baguette, chocolate and ice cream. I'm 35 years old. This is my second career, and I can tell you: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to make your dreams come true.

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