Street-art you will enjoy discovering in Strasbourg

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You are a street-art enthusiast? Or simply someone who is looking for a good photography background? Well, LivinFrance has curated a list of different street-art that you can discover throughout the city. So be ready to go find them before they disappear because some art is only temporary!


Street-art type #1: Murals


Strasbourg is a city with very diverse murals. Indeed, not only are they different by the story they convey but also by their size or even their placement. Some good examples are the following spots:


FAILE Art: created by the international duo FAILE, this mural is located on the glass front of the train station. It is a good example of associating street-art with daily locations. The mural, even though quite nice to look at will only be there from May 2018 to October 2018.

Regarde au loin: created by Jaek El Diablo, this mural is located under the Joseph Bech bridge in the Wacken district of Strasbourg. The theme of the mural is navigation and Europe which suits wells its location since it is in the European part of the city.

Calligraffiti: this mural created by Ayman Hazzouri is located Place Erasmee. The district residents are also some of the creators of this piece. It is a mix of graffiti and calligraphy inspired by different places of the world. The idea behind this mural was to create art with the help of the residents and to be able to create a mural that represents them.


Street-art type #2: Graffiti


Graffiti is a very expressive type of street-art. May it be words on a small wall or bigger designs that color the city and convey a message, Strasbourg will please graffiti lovers.


Kaléidofloor: created by Jaek El Diablo, this colorful street-art is located in the center of Strasbourg, in Rue du Jeu des Enfants. As its name suggests, it is floor graffiti. However, this art does not have an explicit message but is a very nice colorful addition to the city streets.

Oiseaux exotiques: created by Missy this animal focused street-art is located near the train station. Different types of exotic birds, flowers and plants compose this imposing piece. The artist, through her art calls on our different senses in order to make us travel to other horizons.

FAILE – From the Air we Share: created by the same previous duo FAILE, this black and white work is located on the outside walls of the MAMCS (Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg). Inspired by their journey in Strasbourg, the duo decided to create a piece mixing the history and culture of Strasbourg.


Street-art type #3: Glass Bins


It might seem very strange to have a glass bin street-art, but it is in fact something very interesting. Indeed, in order to create a more aesthetic glass container, the city has allowed street-art as an embellishment. Since there are a lot of these bins throughout the city I will not specify one because you can find one easily while walking through the streets.



Of course, this only is a small list of the different street-art in Strasbourg and the different spots. If you are very interested on the subject you will be able to find a detailed map of the different street-art of the city on the following website.


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