How to succeed your check-in and check-out

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Published on
October 26, 2022
Last updated on
November 20, 2023

Congratulations on finding your dream accommodation in France! Before you can settle in, there's one last crucial step to take – the entry inspection report, commonly known as "l'état des lieux d'entrée." This document plays a pivotal role in your rental journey.

Importance of the check-in

The check-in process sets the foundation for your tenancy and ensures a clear understanding of the property's condition at the start of your lease. It acts as a reference point throughout your stay and plays a crucial role in the return of your security deposit upon departure. Before your official move-in date, coordinate with your landlord to schedule the check-in. Typically, this inspection is conducted jointly by you and the landlord, and it must take place before the keys to the property are handed over.

Reviewing the inspection document

Your landlord will provide you with a blank check-in inspection form. This document should contain essential details such as:

•       The date of inspection

•       The address of the property

•       Meter-readings for water and electricity

•       A detailed description of each room, including the condition of walls, floors, ceilings, and any existing furnishings and equipment (bed, desk, fridge, etc.)

•       Names and signatures of both parties (landlord and tenant)


Accomodation tour

accommodation tour check in france

Inspection is key. You have to pay close attention to every aspect of the property during the check-in process. Take your time and be thorough in inspecting each room and its contents, especially ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, electrical outlets, light fixtures and heating system. For shared accommodations, inspect the condition of furniture and electrical equipment in the common areas. Check the cleanliness of these spaces as well. If you notice any discrepancies or issues during the check-in inspection, ensure that they are accurately recorded in the check-in report. If needed, communicate with the landlord to address any concerns.

Schedule the check-out

Before your departure, schedule a mutually agreed-upon date and time for the check-out with your landlord. This ensures both parties are present, allowing for a fair and transparent assessment. During the check-out, the entry inspection report serves as the benchmark for evaluating any changes in the property's condition. By comparing the current state to the initial report, the landlord can identify any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

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Discuss with the landlord

If any new damages or issues are identified during the check-out, discuss them with the landlord. Depending on the nature of the damage and the terms of your rental agreement, you may be responsible for covering the repair costs. The check-out process plays a significant role in determining the return of your security deposit. If the property is in the same condition as recorded in the entry inspection report, your full deposit should be returned. However, if there are damages or discrepancies, the landlord may deduct the repair costs from your deposit and return the remainder. At the conclusion of the check-out, both you and the landlord should sign the exit inspection report, acknowledging the findings and any agreed-upon deductions. This report serves as the official record of the property's condition upon your departure.

Successfully navigating the check-in and check-out processes is crucial for a positive rental experience during your stay in France. The check-in sets the foundation for your tenancy, while the check-out determines the return of your security deposit. Thoroughly document the property's condition during the check-in, communicate with the landlord, and address any issues. During the check-out, refer to the entry inspection report, discuss findings with the landlord, and sign the exit inspection report. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free rental journey in your French home. At Livinfrance, we are committed to supporting international students, and we wish you a pleasant stay in France.

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