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If you need to improve your language skills not only in French, here is an article on where you can practice foreign languages in Marseille!

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Where can I practice foreign languages in Marseille?

Even though being in France allows you to work mainly on your french, it’s also an opportunity to learn new languages. Indeed, you can make the most of your Erasmus experience and work on a language you’ve always wanted to learn. Thus, here is a short article on some examples of where to practice foreign languages in Marseille.



Meetup is an online platform that allows events organisation. What you have to do is to create an account and select your location and hobbies. Then, you can see all the events available and when and where they take place. If you want to participate in an event, you just have to tick the box. You’ll have to pay for some events when it comes to language courses, but the discussion events are usually free. For instance, the “Marseille International meetup association” organises discussions between French locals and foreigners or expats.



Some facebook groups such as Blabla Marseille propose meetings in bars between international students to practice foreign languages (not only English).

You can also create a Facebook group or a discussion to practice english online and meet other students. Don’t hesitate to join Facebook pages such as Erasmus Marseille 2018-2019 to get in touch with the different Erasmus events that will take place during the year. The Erasmus students network of Marseille also gives some advice.


« Cafés-débats » at American Center

American Center is a training centre in foreign languages. It also organises English cafés so that you can practice English in group. Each participant discusses a theme. The centre is located in Marseille at 27 Rue Aldebert and in Aix-en-Provence at 11 Cours Gambetta.


« Café des langues » at Luminy

It consists in free language courses organised by students. The taught languages are italian, portuguese, spanish, german, arabic and french. I guess you can propose an english session.

If you know other addresses that organise meetings, discussions or language courses, don’t hesitate to share them with us! Of course, don’t forget to follow our Facebook page and have a look at our other articles! Thanks for reading and hope it helped you. See you soon!

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