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Here is the LivinFrance FAQ

After moving in, if I have any problem, who should I contact ?

Once you have processed the check-in, if there is anything wrong with your accommodation, we would advise you to contact directly the landlord. He is the only person that can fix problem. If you are still facing difficulties, contact LivinFrance.

Are there any platform fees if I book a place ?
Yes, there are fees if you are booking a place with us. The fees are our sustainable way to live to keep continuing to provide international students good accommodation, support and help during your stay !
Also to provide you a place without a need of french guarantor and the simplicity of the process and finally a complete explanation of the process and assistance !
Can I choose the date of the check in and check out ?

According to the availability of the place you can always choose the date of your arrival and the one for your departure. If the accommodation of your choice is not available when you arrive in France, you can book easily a place for a couple of days or simply select another accommodation.

If you would like to process the check out you can choose with your city manager an hour to process it choosing a move out date together.  

Do I need a french bank account ?

A french bank account is not mandatory but we highly recommend you to subscribe to a bank account in order to avoid paying fees from international transfers.  

You also need a french bank account if you want to apply for CAF application, transport cards…

Do I need to pay a security deposit? How much is the deposit?

A deposit will always be asked in order to confirm your booking request. The deposit will be refunded at the end of your stay unless you’ve broken something or damaged inside the accommodation. A part of your deposit will be then deducted to cover the cost of damage. The amount of the deposit is equal to one or two month rent – charges.

Do I need to subscribe to an housing insurance ? Why ?

Subscribing to an housing insurance contract  is mandatory by the french law.

As a consequence, you must be in possession of a valid housing insurance contract when you process the check-in.

No matter which housing pack you choose, LivinFrance will help you for that.

For how long can I rent a house ?

There is no limit for renting a house with LivinFrance. However, the most common duration of our students stays are from 3 months to 10 months.

How do I book a room?

If you want to book your accommodation with LivinFrance, you have several options. You can select a room directly on the website www.livin-France.com , make a booking request by entering your city in the bar research.

You can also contact our services to contact@livin-france.com and explain your needs. A city manager will propose you some accommodations that match your requirements.

How do I pay the rent ?

There will be 2 different ways to pay your rent, the first and the most common will be by bank transfer. The second is to go to the landlord’s place and pay directly by cash. For security reasons, we advise to process the payment of rent by bank transfer.

How does work the checkout process ?

There are some requirements to respect when you leave your accommodation.

The most important thing is to send a letter of resignation to your landlord a month before your departure.

A meeting will be scheduled to process the check-out and the statement of condition.

You must return your keys as well.

I am not an international student, can I still use your services ?

LivinFrance has been designed for International students. However, our services are also available to any international expats or professionals that need assistance to settle down in France.

I received my lease but I don’t know what to do ?

When you receive your lease, you’re only one step away from the final booking !

You need to read it and send it back to the landlord to confirm your choice.

Then and only then, you need to process the bank transfer of the deposit + one month rent to the landlord and the housing pack to LivinFrance within 2 weeks.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact one city manager.

We’ve heard that some neighborhoods are not safe, should I be worried ?

LivinFrance has no interest in proving you unsafe accommodation. Every offer we have in our website has been selected and certified by one city manager.

Safety is our priority so that you can peacefully settle down in your host city.

What do I have to pay for the first time ?

If you want to process the check-in, you need to show a proof of payment of the first month of rent + the deposit.

The housing pack must be paid within 2 weeks after receiving your lease.

What does the rent includes? Do I need to pay extra fees?

First of all, the rent allows you to live in the property. Then, if charges are included, gaz, water, most of the time heating and electricity will be included. Wifi will also be most of the time included or will cost you around 10 to 15 euros a month.

What’s not included in the rent nor housing pack is the cost of cell phone card, bank account, housing insurance, transport card etc…

What is a guarantor? Do I need one?

A guarantor a person that’s financially responsible for you in case of non-payment of the rent. Usually, French process requires a guarantor. LivinFrance has been working on that to offer accommodation without having any guarantor.

What is CAF ?

CAF is an aid provided by the french government. Every students that rent an accommodation has the right to apply for CAF application.

It is a long-lasting process and requires a lot of administrative task, a french bank account and a lot of patience.

You can get from 90 to 180 euros a month. However, there are some cases in which you cannot apply for CAF. If you don’t have a long term visa for example.

What is LivinFrance ?

LivinFrance is a startup that helps international students to settle down in France easily for a short-term period. First, LivinFrance helps you to find an accommodation that suits your needs. France is known as a very complicated country when it comes to papers. That’s why we’re also helping you with all your administrative papers such as utility activation, housing insurance subscription, cell phone card, transport card, bank account, CAF application among many others…!

What is the check-in ?

The check-in consist in making you enter in the accommodation and fulfill the last administration papers during a scheduled meeting. Then, the city manager or the landlord will give you the keys and introduce you to your new home.

A statement of condition of the place will be made. This paper called “Etat des lieux” will be used at the end of your stay. If there is any difference between your check in paper and your check out paper such as something broken, a part of the deposit will be used to pay the damages.

What is the difference between the agency fees (housing pack), rent and security deposit?

The agency fees are a one time fee and is due for the services you had benefit from LivinFrance.

The rent has to be paid before every 5th of the month to the landlord.
The deposit will be used to reimbursed broken things or objects from the accommodation.