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CROUS – Explanations

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CROUS ( “Centres Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires” )


What is CROUS? What are CROUS main activities ?

Through this article you are going to learn more about CROUS !

CROUS is a public establishment in charge of administrative responsibilities. It’s in charge of social help, international students welcoming, housing for students, university catering and student cultural life. Most of people think that the establishment is in charge of housing for students. This is partly true. As a matter of fact, the main role is to help students in their daily life in order to provide them studies successful. There are about 28 CROUS (regional centers) and 1 CNOUS (national center). CNOUS impulses the same strategy for all CROUS and their operations are in line.


Financial help, Housing and Catering


Scholarship :

First of all, there are scholarships on social criteria or academic excellence. So, you must complete and submit your documents on time in order to be treated in the best conditions.

In 2015/2016, about 693 708 students received a scholarship to study in France.

Moreover, it can also provide you a specific annual aid or a specific punctual aid due to your personal circumstances.

Housing :

Second of all, CROUS offers you the possibility to get an accommodation in a student residence on campus, for a cheaper price than housing market supply.

In 2016, about 170 000 accommodations were available.

If you are in waiting list, you can also have an accommodation with LivinFrance.

Catering :

Finally, let us not fool ourselves, it’s difficult for students to have a balanced diet.

Don’t worry !

CROUS provides about 650 universities restaurants and cafeterias. For 3,25€ you will eat a complete and balanced meal. All structures are modern and offer you meals in line with your lifestyle.


Employment, Cultural life and Support

Jobs :

FirstJOBAVIZ  is a search job center managed by CROUS. The website provides temporary jobs, half time job (compatible with your studies) and useful legal resources.


Support :

Second, CROUS social workers welcome you by appointment in all universities and headquarters. They will inform you, analyze your situation and consider with you the best solutions.


Cultural life :

Lastly, CROUS allows you to enjoy a cultural life and realize your cultural and humanitarian projects.

Enjoy a cultural life

First of all, there is a ticketing between students that allow you to fully enjoy latest movies, shows and concerts for an attractive price.

Plus, there are animations in student residences and university restaurants with projections, shows and concerts.

Most interesting, there have more than 180 cultural site.


Realize your cultural and humanitarian projects

First, there are about 7 cultural contests organized each year !

So, there are many winning prizes. For example, the theater contest winner get the possibility to play during the “Avignon Festival”.

However, humanitarian commitment is not forgotten, Culture Actions will bring you financial aid and expertise.


“Otherwise how do i proceed ?”

On one hand,  if you are interested to benefit from these services, you must complete a “Dossier Social Etudiant” (which means student social application).

On the other hand, if you are not sure yet to try an international experience, have a look on “Why choosing the expatriation?“.



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