About to live in Marseille? Get to know the public administration and the city’s heritage.

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Get to know Marseille’s administration and cultural heritage

If you are about to live in Marseille, you should know about the administration and cultural heritage. It is a way to know better the functioning and role of Marseille in the region “Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur”. Enjoy your reading!

The administration

  • The Regional Council

The Regional council, in French “Conseil Régional”, is the administration in charge of the region “Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur” (PACA). It consists of councillors who elect the President of the Council and appoint a permanent commission among which they elect the vice-presidents of the Council. The president puts the commission’s decisions in place. He also takes care of the region’s heritage and runs the regional administration. The Regional Council takes action in the economic development, the secondary schools, and the professional training. It also takes care of higher education, towns planning and transports. The Regional Council of the PACA region is located in Marseille at 27 place Jules Guesde.


  • The Departmental Council

The “Conseil Départemental” is the administration in charge of the Bouches-du-Rhône department. It puts in place health and social actions and ensure fire safety. It also helps towns and cultural clubs, supports local employment and is in charge of education, culture, towns planning, roads and travels. Just like the Regional Council, the Departmental Council has a president and a permanent commission with vice-presidents.  The President is the payment mandate issuer of the Council. He also puts Council’s decisions in place. The Department Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône is located in Marseille at 52 Avenue Saint-Just.


  • The City Council

The City Council of Marseille is on the Vieux Port. This is the Office of the Mayor. The City Council chooses the budget allocated to the city and implement public services: it approves the decision to do work in the city, takes care of the city’s heritage and supports the economic development. The Mayor also runs the police forces. Moreover, each district of Marseille has its own neighbourhood city council that we call “bureau de proximité”.


Role of Marseille

Marseille is famous for its big seaport that we call “Grand Port Maritime”. This is the first port in France with a total account of transported 81 million goods in 2016. it is also the 5th port in Europe. It was the 53rd port in the world in 2015 and the 17th port in the world as regards cruises. Since Marseille has an economic port nearby Mediterranean countries, it is known to be a multicultural city thanks to expatriation and tourism. Marseille is an attractive city and is one of the most touristic cities in France. Indeed, the city receives 5 million tourists a year.

But the city is also the oldest city or France and had a big Greco-Roman culture at the time. Today, it has a big cultural heritage with 23 sites you can visit. Among them, there is the Basilica “Notre-Dame de la Garde”, which we already mentioned in Best places to visit in Marseille, as well as the opera and the city hall. You can find them on Marseille’s cultural heritage website.

This was a short article on the administration and cultural heritage of Marseille. Hope you enjoyed your reading. Don’t hesitate to check out our other articles and also have a look at our Facebook page. See you soon!

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