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10 fun facts on Strasbourg that might surprise you!

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You are someone that would like to learn a little bit about Strasbourg? Well, if fun facts about the city interest you this article is for you! This will therefore be more laid-back information that can be nice to know for personal knowledge or even make you discover some “scoops” of the moment!


Facts for personal knowledge:


Fact #1: Live in a clean environment


Recently, Greenpeace gave  Strasbourg the title of best city in terms of transport. Indeed, with its very well-organized bicycle and public transport network, but also the extension of full pedestrian streets and the limitation of cars in the center of the city have made big improvements for sustainable mobility and the environment.


Fact #2: Protect the Choucroute


If you have tried Alsatian food, you should know that one of the most famous is the choucroute. Well, now the Alsatian choucroute is protected by a Designation of Origin that protects a cultural and gastronomic heritage and a protected geographical indication which protects the name of the product in the EU.


Fact #3: Apollo Bretzel


Another food fact is that some students from ECAM in Strasbourg had a project to send two bretzels towards the stratosphere. The snacks were sent with stratospheric balloons filled with helium. Not only was this idea fun but is also had academic purposes. The main idea was therefore to collect data, analyze the flight and have pictures. The highest balloon went to an altitude of 34695 m before popping when reaching the stratosphere.


Useful facts:


Fact #4: Where did the light go?


In order to become a green and sustainable city, Strasbourg would like that from October 2018 and onward, to turn the lights off during nighttime in every park of the city. Reducing the public lighting during the night can therefore bring the city one step further towards its change for public good. However, this is not good news for park walkers at night that will see their hobby becoming difficult.


Fact #5: Save your lungs


Always with the objective of becoming a sustainable and comfortable city, Strasbourg has passed a measure to prohibit smoking in public parks. Indeed, since 2014 the city has been working towards limiting smoking. It is not completely effective yet, since there are not yet ashtrays in front of parks and green spaces. This measure is not only to protect the lungs of the populations but also the environment since a stub is not really biodegradable. For smokers: be aware if caught the fine is 68€.


Fact#6: Paris has never been so close


You may wonder what Paris has to do in an article about Strasbourg. Well, since the 7th of July, Ouigo, the lows-cost version of the SNCF has trains that link Strasbourg to Paris. Meaning, not only is Paris close from Strasbourg (less than 2 hours by train), now it also is not that expensive! So, you can easily take the weekend to go visit the city of lights.


Other facts:

Fact #7: Wallet beware!


Strasbourg being a city in constant evolution does welcome a lot of new shops and institutions. However, one that is talked a lot about since 2016 is Primark. Indeed, you might not know but the brand announced that year they would start construction of their shop in Strasbourg. The premises were supposed to be ready by the end of 2018 however due to some delays it will most likely be beginning 2019. So be ready to shop a lot for a small price!


Fact#8: Boats for everyone!


You dreamt of it, Captain Bretzel did it! Since the 25th of July you can now rent boats without a license and navigate the waters of the city. You can therefore rent different boats for different time periods. So whether you are going as a group of friends for the day or simply as a couple for half a day you will be able to find something that matches your expectations.


Fact #9: Humans of Strasbourg


You might already know the famous “Humans of New York”, which as a photo blog, curates more than 10 000 portraits and life stories of New-Yorkers. Well, this very human project now exists in Strasbourg. Therefore, you are now able through their Facebook and Instagram to discover the people of Strasbourg. Young or old, Woman or Man you will be able to find testimonies of different people from different horizons. So, if you have free time feel free to visit their social media pages.


Fact #10: Sherlock Holmes in Strasbourg?


This last fact is a little older since its from 2012 however it is quite a famous one. You are a big movies fan and especially Sherlock Holmes movie fan? (Some of you might already see where this is going.) Well, little do you know that in the second Sherlock movie with Robert Downey Jr. there is a scene that takes place in Strasbourg. It may be a very small scene, but it was quite a memorable event for the city. You can still find videos of the shoot in the city on the internet.


Well folks, here it is 10 fun facts about Strasbourg. Some of them you might have already known but hopefully not all! Now you will be able to share your knowledge to *impress* your next date or new friend!


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